Hey, thanks for visiting! I’m Sunny, and this is just a blog I created a long-ass time ago as a place to share some poems I liked (and that’s still pretty much what this is). It’s pretty simple; there are two different poems posted every day. As for the content itself, absolutely anything goes. You can expect to see poems about virtually any topic/theme, written by a variety of different poets who come from a variety of different backgrounds, time eras, etc.

Quick disclaimer: I’m a theatre actor, and a really lousy poet. None of the poetry here belongs to me and I don’t make any money from this blog at all.

Also, apologies for any spontaneous hiatuses. All the posts on here are scheduled in advance and I occasionally forget to cue it back up.

*ABOUT KEYWORDS/TAGS ON POEMS: The keywords/tags on the poems featured here do not necessarily describe what the poem is about, or what the poem is supposed to mean. They are just some of the words that are used in the poem. The meaning of a poem is for you to interpret and decide for yourself, so the poem tags are more of a very loose guideline than they are an accurate description of what the poem is actually about.

Feedback is always appreciated!


{your interpretation/general thoughts}

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