2014 // April

April 2014

The Poem as Mask, by Muriel Rukeyser (4/1/2014) Orpheus When I wrote of the women in their dances and wildness, it was a mask, on their mountain, gold-hunting, singing, in orgy, it was a mask; when I wrote of the god, fragmented, exiled from himself, his life, the love gone down with song, it was myself, split open, unable to speak, in exile […]

Call Us, by Sally Van Doren (4/2/2014) Let’s use our nicknames When we apply for this next job Even though it’s past our bedtime And our current paycheck Can’t shut up the muse Who mewls at the dinner table Begging for a crust of bread To sate the nightly terrors. For they come, don’t they, Leaving empty spaces numbers Are supposed to […]

High Tide at Race Point, by Charles Bernstein (4/3/2014) for Norman Fischer A commercial with no pitch. A beach without sand. A lover without a love. A surface without an exterior. A touch without a hand. A protest without a cause. A well without a bottom. A sting without a bite. A scream without a mouth. A fist without a fight. A day without […]

To be the thing, by Dorothea Lasky (4/4/2014) To be the name uttered, but not to have the burden to be To be the name said, but not heard To not breathe anymore, to be the thing To be the thing being breathed To not be about to die, to be already dead To not have to disappoint To not have the burden […]

Poem for circulation, by Anselm Berrigan (4/5/2014) Things surrounding things fill my Wicked Tuna grid heart with a swishy austerity-like intention. I cut my post-fleshy forearms & bleed a serious parallel echo chamber reading everything to approve of nothing. I massage my anterior cruciate ligaments to celebrate a hard won royal flush. This mind is slick-like and easy-like and music-like and gesture-like […]

Knot iii.VII, by Stacy Doris (4/6/2014) If people could feed on themselves which they can, whether in despair or Pride, time becomes a circulation, reduced and expanded to that, imitating Digestion. Ingesting decomposes any scrap into functions, whereas eating Something other than yourself disprove wholeness. What rewards Rewording might be justice. Then does response outrun responsibility, Overthrow it, so all government’s […]

The Thousand Somethings of Someone, by Forrest Gander (4/7/2014) Could have been otherwise and birdsong make us nauseous. And gigantic roiling sunsets give us vertigo. The world of flowers is for insects, not us. But tonic is durance among.  

Sonnet [Nothing was ever what it claimed to be,], by Karen Volkman (4/8/2014) Nothing was ever what it claimed to be, the earth, blue egg, in its seeping shell dispensing damage like a hollow hell inchling weeping for a minor sea ticking its tidelets, x and y and z. The blue beneficence we call and spell and call blue heaven, the whiteblue well of constant water, deepening a […]

Things Between Themselves, by Heidi Lynn Staples (4/9/2014) …to have been things among things between themselves and all others who live… …to travel widely beyond the seas… …to arrive one half king, one half informer… …to appear o how atrocious soever… …to present all the disabilities… …to demonstrate an investment in kin… …to show an interest real or personal in this… …to uncover […]

Poem Entering the Apple Valley Target, by Lynn Melnick (4/10/2014) Into the fluorescent rough country headlong into bulks of flesh impatient to outspend me and who wouldn’t fold real quick under the weight of America’s sales and specials. I believed then I didn’t that I was different than I am in my own skin in this infinity mirror, instructed such to seduce myself, to go […]

Poem Interrupted by Whitesnake, by Timothy Donnelly (4/11/2014) That agreeable feeling we haven’t yet been able to convert into words to our satisfaction despite several conscious attempts to do so might prove in the end to be nothing more than satisfaction itself, an advanced new formula just sitting there waiting to be marketed as such: Let my logo be the couch I can […]

Prefix: Finding the measure, by Robert Kelly (4/12/2014) Finding the measure is finding the mantram, is finding the moon, as index of measure, is finding the moon’s source; if that source is Sun, finding the measure is finding the natural articulation of ideas. The organism of the macrocosm, the organism of language, the organism of I combine in ceaseless naturing to propagate a […]

Teaching the Ape to Write Poems, by James Tate (4/13/2014) They didn’t have much trouble teaching the ape to write poems: first they strapped him into the chair, then tied the pencil around his hand (the paper had already been nailed down). Then Dr. Bluespire leaned over his shoulder and whispered into his ear: “You look like a god sitting there. Why don’t you try […]

ninth: a conversation between Annabot and the Human Machine on the subject of overpowering emotion, by Anna Moschovakis (4/14/2014) (Note: Though Annabot is ostensibly downloadable, the attempt to open her produced an error, a string of errors.) ANNABOT: What now? HUMAN MACHINE: The Brain, the brain—that is the seat of trouble! ANNABOT: My brain, whose brain? Those who feel, feel. HUMAN MACHINE: On the blink? ANNABOT: Or, discipline. The brain is a machine of […]

Chirality, by Rae Armantrout (4/15/2014) If I didn’t need to do anything, would I? Would I oscillate in two or three dimensions? Would I summon a beholder and change chirality for “him”? A massless particle passes through the void with no resistance. Ask what it means to pass through the void. Ask how it differs from not passing.  

Bardo, by Peter Gizzi (4/16/2014) I’ve spent my life in a lone mechanical whine, this combustion far off. How fathomless to be embedded in glacial ice, what piece of self hiding there. I am not sure about meaning but understand the wave. No more Novalis out loud. No Juan de la Cruz singing “I do not die to die.” No […]

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