S t r u c t u re — M a s o l i n o ‘ s E v e — T h e F e m a l e s n a k e, by ‘Annah Sobelman

: ~ a springy fire set inside pear prickles the vocative , a now bubble now that’s a thing

your nervous system might have been one of the paths on the Tree on earth , oddly like as

night where she was musing , under sap , blazed in here , hushed in under cover of , ,

: ~ a springy fire sets arm in arm on the athlete sea of interpretation bushes

where the moon was waxing under sap , here we make up the arbornauts

travelling around the islands

and the forests-of-summers amateurs we called ourselves

~ a forno with which to scratch her nickname , soften a groove

into a belt trout pan , her initials into how a highway feels ; ~

: ~ taking space out hanging it up along the clotheslines in that hour of the trees

: ~ the Brancacci chapel winds might have been one of the paths of the tree

Blazed in here , hushed in here under cover of painting : ~

The springy fire set by one long experience on earth , ,

On earth , through that roar gap makes through trees ‘ velvet amateurs

: ~ no longer ashamed to be a tree-like belly the I is laid upon , as if emblazoned

in vowels it must be the poise of the Linden leaves he is swimming with

: ~ it might have been a structural tense upbraiding in and out of

her saying what is the plural of one

that on their lapping undersides snake eggs lay their little heads ——