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I have no idea why this won’t save any capitalization I put. Either way, here are some quotes from poems that I personally liked. You can submit your own favourites on the Submit page. c:

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in dreams i learned
that only the watch and the circle
of ash trees surrounding me, and the grass
prodding my bare feet, and of course
my nakedness were necessary, though
philip levine inheritance
as i write these words
in sepia across a lined page i have
no idea why they’ve taken the shape
i’ve given them, some cursive, some not,
some elegantly articulated, others plain,
many of no use at all.
philip levine inheritance
sweetened by wings, my mothlike heart
flies nightly among geraniums.
roberta j. hill star quilt
i am not here.
i’ve been in the mountains many days now.
the light will not scorch me. the frost cannot touch me.
nothing can amaze me now.
i’ve seen worse things in my life.
dahlia ravikovitch hovering at a low altitude
with a single hurling thrust one can hover
and whirl about with the speed of the wind.
dahlia ravikovitch hovering at a low altitude
to put meaning in one’s life may end in madness,
but life without meaning is the torture
of restlessness and vague desire–
it is a boat longing for the sea and yet afraid.
edgar lee masters george gray
i’ll go out for a drink with one of my demons tonight
they are dry in colorado 1980 spring snow.
ted berrigan a certain slant of sunlight
yet the absence of the imagination had
itself to be imagined.
wallace stevens the plain sense of things
she lay so still that
as she spoke

a spider spun a seamless web
upon her body
michael palmer the republic of dreams
you knew your angels loved you
but you also knew they would leave
someone they could not save.
philip schultz the silence
the smile on your mouth was the deadest thing
alive enough to have strength to die
thomas hardy neutral tones
how quiet the bells of heaven must be, cold
with stars who cannot rhyme their brilliance
to our weapons.
rachel eliza griffiths 26
nothing but life dares dying. rachel eliza griffiths 26
is disorder squared.
david lehmen the matador of metaphor
“include everything in poetry”
even the things you think are nothing
lee ann brown beauty supply
if you live,
you look back and beg
for it again, the hazardous
bliss before you know
what you would miss.
ada limòn before
the words are a beautiful music. robert creeley water music
i took exactly
what was not mine,
with my eyes.
pura lópez-colomé fons
i saw the sea inside you:
on your surface, mud.
i kissed you like a shipwreck,
like one who insufflates the word.
pura lópez-colomé fons
i leaned down over the
world in portrayal
of carefulness, answering
something you couldn’t say.
alice notley no world is intact
the lights are on so the dark is out. geoffrey g. o’brien vague cadence
the gift is listening
and hearing what is only meant for you.
dana gioia prophecy
what i love in you i pray will always stay
the hell away from me.
paisley rekdal intimacy
ink runs from the corners of my mouth.
there is no happiness like mine.
i have been eating poetry.
mark strand eating poetry
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