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I have no idea why this won’t save any capitalization I put. Either way, here are some quotes from poems that I personally liked. You can submit your own favourites on the Submit page. c:

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quote: by poet: poem:
it is
marvelous to be so alone, the two of us, in this
garden desert. forgotten, but remembering
ourselves as no one will ever remember us.
nathaniel tarn before the snake
i who have seen you amid the primal things
was angry when they spoke your name
in ordinary places.
ezra pound francesca
you’re like the spirits
the children invent
to inhabit the stuffed horse
and the doll.
chase twichell to the reader: twilight
remember a ladder
can take you both up and down.
adam clay scientific method
when left alone
long enough, the prisoners
began to interrogate themselves.
adam clay scientific method
for we can still love the world, who find
a famished kitten on the step, and know
recesses for it from the fury of the street,
or warm torn elbow coverts.
hart crane chaplinesque
but ignorance

cannot will knowledge. ignorance
wills something imagined, which it believes exists.
louise glück the myth of innocence
it’s twenty-five years ago:
you went to death, i to life, and
which was luckier god only knows.
franz wright wheeling motel
what i am after
is silence
in proportion
to desire,

the way music plumbs
its surfaces
as straight words do
the air between them.
vona groarke purism
this is how it is to be part of a cycle—
to be always in motion, and to be always
woven to something else.
douglas s. jones centrifugal
hot and cold
are equal terms.
jerome rothenberg 45 i give up my identity
in the deepest
waters spread around
the globe
there is a sense
of life so full
no space exists
outside it.
jerome rothenberg 45 i give up my identity
past the age of college athletics,
most friends don’t even know what each other’s bodies
look like, flushed, tired, showering, cold.
hannah gamble to grow a bear
“i’ve got books” he said “like other people have mice” diane di prima city lights 1961
i want to be a passenger
in your car again
and put my life back
in your hands.
michael miller december
you fools who ask what god is
should ask what life is instead.
ko un asking the way
ingenuity is the notion of building
on a foundation made from loss.
matthew shenoda donkey carts & desolation
survivors of a shipwreck cast two shadows:
the outline of interrupted light, and an aura, thirst

to drown again.

geri doran self portrait as miranda
bore me, unless i get a mountain view,
a room in which my cell won’t work,
and there’s nothing to do but see
the sun go down into the ground
that cradles us as any coffin can.
jericho brown another elegy
i would give all metaphors
in return for one word
drawn out of my breast like a rib
for one word
contained within the boundaries
of my skin
zbigniew herbert i would like to describe
poetry is a weapon, and should be used,
though not in the crudity of violence.
it is a prayer before an unknown altar,
a spell to bless the silence.
john montague silences
to hold one’s breath would be to drown
in order to avoid drowning.
rusty morrison in the decision of a beginning [3]
europe is collapsing; we are collapsing

always and again no matter how hard
we love one another.
eliza griswold lisbon
you want someone you don’t have to care about
because you’re in love with a dead man.
farrah field amy check on my square inch of land
evening would fall, the autumn day would draw
to its uncertain close: our belles would cling
dreamingly to us, cooing, whispering
lies that still set our souls trembling with awe.
paul verlane innocents we
that widening crack in the gloom is like good luck.
luck, which neither you nor tomorrow can depend on.
anne stevenson drench
and sometimes it is

that we lose,

and sometimes

it is just lips.
david tomas martinez a kiss
following me
i love you
and i fall beyond
and i eat you like a
bow and arrow withering in the
joseph ceravolo ho ho ho caribou
like a flower, little light, you open
and we make believe
we die. we die all around
you like a snake in a
well and we come up out
of the warm well and
are born again out of dry
joseph ceravolo ho ho ho caribou
we all have reasons
for moving.
i move
to keep things whole.
mark strand keeping things whole
i want the dead but i am with
the living.
elaine terranova hummingbird
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