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\\Index — a list of all the poems featured on this site. It’s set to update automatically and lists everything in the chronological order of when they were posted.

Alphabetized Poem Index — An automatically-updated list of all the poems featured here in alphabetical order. Unlike the Index, it mentions the date each was posted as well as displays an excerpt of each poem.

Themed Collections — Features poems of specific themes together on the same page. This is currently still a work in progress.

+ Absence — [themed collection page] Poems involving absence, being absent, and/or emptiness.

+ Death — [themed collection page] Poems involving death, dying, and/or the dead.

+ Letters — [themed collection page] Poems that involve writing letters, getting letters, reading letters, and letters in general.


//Archives — A manually-maintained version of the Index. Contains expandable menus of everything posted on this site, grouped together by the month and year in which they were posted. Also includes excerpts. Because this list is manually maintained, it might not always be up to date like the Index.

2012: January — February — March — April — May — June — July — August — September — October

2014: March — April

2015: February — March — April — May —


Keywords — A page with a list of themes and keywords I might tag poems with. The tagging process currently still needs some work in order to make sure everything is in the correct category, so at the moment, things might not be completely accurate or finished.


§ Quotes — The Quotes homepage. The Quotes pages feature lines from poems that I personally felt were worth quoting. They’re separated into multiple pages to reduce what could end up as seemingly endless scrolling.

Quotes pg 1 ♦ Quotes pg 2 ♦ Quotes pg 3 ♦ Quotes pg 4 [under construction] ♦

Submit a Quote — A page where you can submit your own favourite lines from poetry.



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